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Paying a bit for a good day
Blurg. Intellectually, I know that a headcold is a minor ailment. And intellectually, I'm pretty sure (from the lack of fever) that this is an exhaustion-induced headcold. But *boy* I feel like crap. This annoys me. (Mostly because it probably means I shouldn't go to the Babydolls show tonight, and I've quite been looking forward to it.)

Oh, well. Yesterday was The Day of a Thousand Conflicts, in which there were at least three things I particularly wanted to do, along with several more that were at least interesting. I gather that the Felding event-let and the fundraiser both went well, which makes me happy; meanwhile, a bunch of us followed dervishspin to East Kingdom University out in Anglespur (Troy, NY).

It was a pleasant, low-key university. I spent much of the day shadowing liamstliam, since he had essentially created an SCA Culture track for himself, with a bunch of interesting classes -- SCA 101, one on student-Peer fealty relationships, and one on "Songs of Chivalry", principally SCA songs about period and periodish topics. Didn't wind up teaching anything myself, which was probably just as well: this early in the reign, I'm still a bit distracted by learning the ropes myself.

Royal Court went well, I believe, although I think we startled the heck out of the populace by starting on time. (I suspect it's going to take a couple of months for the clue to get around that Lochleven, by and large, values things running on schedule.) Very short court (about 15 minutes), but with several nice highlights. The main item of business was a Silver Crescent for Galefridus Peregrinus, who seems like a very nice chap. There were two new members in the audience (who, based on the SCA 101 class, have just dived in headfirst), who appeared to be totally blown away by HRM's welcome. And Brid gave her fealty in open court with a powerful ceremony, making clear that she does *not* give fealty lightly, but considers TRM to be Doing It Right.

Dinner at a good local brewpub (courtesy of liamstliam, who of course knows these things). Long drive, but that gave Avaldr and myself the time to realize that we actually have very similar tastes in music; he introduced me to some great weird modern Scadanavian stuff that I'm going to have to explore more. (It took us a couple of hours of dancing around it before I made it clear that, yes, I'm very tired and need something *loud*, whereupon he switched from the pretty period music to the stuff with synths and digeridoos -- fine driving music, if decidedly esoteric...)

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Speaking of music, I was just thinking that I should recommend Mighty Tiny to you.

Intriguing! Spot-listening to their MySpace page, I haven't quite decided yet whether they're my cup of tea or not, but I'll have to check out more of their stuff. Thanks!

You might also like the Wicked Tinkers. Excellent with a didj, those guys.

Oooh, definitely promising -- I'm always a sucker for drums and bagpipes. I'll have to go check out some of their stuff at CDBaby -- thanks!

Two suggestions:
Come see the Babydolls tonight if you are feeling better. Sorry you couldn't make it last night. And check out Schandmaul for some weird modern loud music stuff with heavy period-esque instrumentation and influences. Might be a nice combination for you.

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