Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Question: what does a webcomic author need to know?

Okay, here's one where I suspect that some of my friends have useful ideas.

Some of you know the_resa from her earlier career -- under the name Teri S. Wood, she was responsible for a bunch of great comics, particularly her long-running strip The Cartoonist in Amazing Heroes, and her epic science fiction story Wandering Star. Resa is dipping her toe back into the comics waters, starting with her biweekly webcomic Yet Untitled. (A humor strip about coping with life in Forks "Yes, really, we existed before Twilight came out", Washington.)

I'm trying to help her understand how modern webcomic-publishing works; we spent a bunch of time today talking through RSS, how it works and why you want it for your webcomic. But it occurred to me that my knowledge of webcomics is fairly shallow, and others here might know more. So I'm throwing the question out: what should an aspiring webcomic author -- specifically one who knows traditional comics quite well, but is new to the webcomics world -- learn about? What are the opportunities and challenges that she may not have thought about yet? Who should she meet and talk to, to learn more? (And does anyone have a good guide to the nuts and bolts of getting started with RSS?)

Resa's a friend, and I'd like to see her succeed in this -- frankly, giving her a way to get back into comics would be great. So I'd appreciate any and all tips and pointers here, and please spread the word if you know others who might have useful information...
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