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That office copier? Don't let somebody walk off with its hard drive.
Interesting article in Ars Technica today: one of those little technical details that actually gets kind of scary when you think about it. The summary is that most modern photocopiers are scanning to a hard drive, then printing from that. Nothing strange there -- except that the image doesn't necessarily get immediately deleted from the hard drive.

I'd be curious about the technical details (and I suspect that they vary a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer), but taking the report at face value, think about this scenario. It's completely routine for people to do things like make a photocopy of their tax returns just before mailing them out; lots of folks do this at the office. (Well, those of us who still file via paper, anyway.) If I was in the identity-theft business, I'd want to create a cover identity as a copier repairman, and just go around "fixing" lots of office copy machines around April 16th. All that yummy identifying data, nicely bundled up to be stolen...

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It wouldn't surprise me if people are already doing that. We get a LOT of calls from bogus copier companies, though most of them are just pushing fake service plans and suspicious, unsolicited toner.

Not to mention company data. Those are are serious about such things apply security patches to copiers, and remove hard drives before decommissioning copiers, and so forth.

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