Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

That office copier? Don't let somebody walk off with its hard drive.

Interesting article in Ars Technica today: one of those little technical details that actually gets kind of scary when you think about it. The summary is that most modern photocopiers are scanning to a hard drive, then printing from that. Nothing strange there -- except that the image doesn't necessarily get immediately deleted from the hard drive.

I'd be curious about the technical details (and I suspect that they vary a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer), but taking the report at face value, think about this scenario. It's completely routine for people to do things like make a photocopy of their tax returns just before mailing them out; lots of folks do this at the office. (Well, those of us who still file via paper, anyway.) If I was in the identity-theft business, I'd want to create a cover identity as a copier repairman, and just go around "fixing" lots of office copy machines around April 16th. All that yummy identifying data, nicely bundled up to be stolen...
Tags: privacy, technology

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