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Software old and new, part 1: Dreamwidth
Having noticed this morning that my Dreamwidth account had expired and gone back to Free, I just re-upped. I'm not using it significantly yet, but I still very much approve of the project and would like to see it succeed.

But it does remind me to ask: which of my friends are actually using DW actively? I want to make sure my reading list covers at least all the people I'm actively following on other social networks, and if more of my friends were posting there, I might well pay it more regular attention. I think I only know of two who are posting there, but I may be missing folks.

(For those coming in late: DW is most easily thought of as a good alternative to LiveJournal, currently in beta. They started with LJ's open-source software, and have been enhancing it at a pretty good clip. Frankly, they have both a better attitude towards their customers and towards the software itself than LJ does these days, and care more about doing a really good job. I'm still mainly focused on LJ because that's where the bulk of my friends are, but I do think DW will eventually be the better system, and may already be...)

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We've tipped past the point (in LJ being annoying, Dreamwidth being feature-robust, and cross-use being feasible) where I'm fairly certain I'll move to Dreamwidth eventually - it's just a matter of tuits, as the task's low-priority.

I should really be mirroring my content over there in case something with LJ becomes untenable, but for the most part I haven't touched it. It didn't feel different enough when it first came out to be worth my time, and I haven't gotten around to visiting basically at all since then.

My default is to post at DW and crosspost to LJ. I read my LJ Flist and comments on my x-posted entries, but there's nothing in my LJ that's not also at DW at this point.

Yes, you were one of the two who I think of as using primarily DW...

Ditto. I would be much happier to read my friends on DW, rather than here, but not everyone's transitioned yet.

I've heard people mentioning Dreamwidth but I didn't know what it was until just now. I suspect I'll use it for the fresh-start thing-- a lot of what's in my LJ archive I *really* don't want to give more people access to than already have access, but at the same time I'd like to get more into the community and philosophical meandering for discussion aspects.

I've got a writing blog over there under my pen name, Kathryn Scannell.


I don't update it anywhere near as often as I should.

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