Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Coincidental Names

It's sometimes very disconcerting how small the wordstock suddenly seems to be, with the Internet providing near-global communication. I just came across the LJ of fenmere, who, bizarrely, seems to be no one I've ever met. This is curious only because I used to run the Borough of Fenmere in Carolingia, and as far as I know, the founders of that Borough simply made up the name. (Which means, more or less, "swamp-swamp", a fine description of the lower parts of campus during the rainy season.)

It's possible that it's not pure coincidence -- he lives in Bellingham, WA, near to now-Baroness/Mistress/etc Jane Lynn of Fenmere. But I have a nasty feeling that it's just an illustration that you can't even make up a novel word any more...

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