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That *I* suggested? Uh, no
Today in Facebook worries: I just got a couple of notifications of people who have just friended each other. Which would be fine -- they are people who make sense to friend each other -- except that in both cases it claims that I recommended the friending, and I have no recollection of doing anything of the sort. (I've done very little with the "recommend friends" thing, and don't remember doing so at all in the past couple of months.)

Not sure what's going on here, but in light of all the other FB problems lately, I have to say it makes me just a tad uneasy...

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(Deleted comment)
I suspect that this has been happening for months, based upon some of the "suggestions" I've gotten.

Huh, that explains a suggestion I got. I forget who it said it was from, but it seemed a bit odd. Hrm.

One of my friends ws on NPR Science Friday discussing Facebook privacy (or lack thereof) and a caller who was a threrapist said she got an invite that appeared to have information about patients, family members and others who "might" be friends.

I'm thinking this might be a accidental/buggy result of Facebook's combined "import contacts" and some correlative analysis they're doing of whose friends/contact lists your email appears on.

So many people just import straight from GMail which creates its contact lists based on anyone you email, receive email from and sometimes are included in a CC of an email you are CC'd on. Then it just sits there in FB whether you choose to send an invite or not. LinkedIn does this as well.

I finally decided that I really do not need facebook and killed my account. I know I cannot trust them.

Yes a few people will not know what is going on in my life. I can deal with that. :)

I just nuked my original facebook account. I have another one, but that's going to be entirely for following other people, not for posting with. I don't like facebook at all - never really did - but there are some lives I would like to keep up with.

What you're describing sounds as though it could account for Friend requests I've gotten by e-mail in the last couple of weeks, coming from people I can't identify. The requests come in with names (and pictures) of other FB users whom I do know.

Since I have never used Facebook, the requests seemed more than a little peculiar to me, but my Trash is large enough to take care of them. As the news about the service has gotten more disturbing of late my attitude toward it has shifted from "someday if I'm really bored and curious, maybe" to "of course I will, right after I start replying to all those European internet lotteries I've won."

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