Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur


Once in a while, I come across one of those "how have I not noticed this before?" sites. Today's is LEME -- Lexicons of Early Modern English.

Basically, it's a fully searchable site, with the transcribed text of 150+ English and polyglot dictionaries and other useful collections of words, starting in 1480 -- about half are period, and the rest 17th century. The most basic functionality is that you can search for a particular term, and it will give you back the basic entries around that term.

Paid membership isn't cheap ($75/year for individuals, quite a bit for institutions), but looks like it may be quite worth it for serious research: it appears to include full-text browsing of all the sources, and lots of additional functions -- word lists, richer searching, and so on. (Frankly, I can easily see myself paying for it and just losing myself in the books for a few weeks' intellectual entertainment.)

Very neat stuff -- one of the better instances of books-as-toys that I've come across lately, and probably extremely useful for some projects...
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