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I feel so corporate...
God help me, I've just set up my Droid to talk to the company's Exchange server, so I can receive email on it; this makes me officially part of the Blackberry generation. Hadn't planned on it, but the culture at Memento does kind of encourage one to stay in touch over the weekend, and the easiest way to do that is with my phone. (And having calendar sync does make it much easier for me to check whether I need to be in at conventional business hours -- otherwise, I'm apt to not get to work until 10ish.)

I will say that I suddenly appreciate the fact that Gmail and "Corporate Email" are separate applications. It's a bit inconsistent, but I really want to be able to not have work clogging up my attention while dealing with personal stuff, and vice versa...

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IIRC, isn't there also calendar and corporate calendar? I don't sync to work; we're not that high-tech here. Oh, and did you see LogMeIn.com's got a beta for Android? They'd opened it to the public, but it's closed now.

Yep, I started playing with Corporate Calendar after starting to write this post. In that case, the UIs really are just plain identical, but it's convenient having the actual data completely separate.

Hadn't actually come across LogMeIn.com before. (Indeed, on first reading, I thought it had something to do with chinese food, until I reparsed the name in my head.) Doesn't look immediately relevant to me, though -- I have little to do with the management of the work machines (such as I do with them remotely is all VPN and Remote Desktop), and I don't tend to leave our home desktop awake when I'm not there...

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No, I don't even try to do that from my phone. In general, anything I routinely do beyond communication requires me to have a big screen and keyboard, so it's not really even worth trying to do from the phone.

But I'll keep my ear to the ground, and give a yell if I see something...

It's a free way for me to create a virtual VPN between home and work in case I need to manage the server or get some actual work done during the evening or weekend without coming in. So, in my case, without access to better resources, it's a good choice.

Ah -- less of an issue for me, since we have a pretty serious enterprise-grade VPN here. (Necessarily: a pretty substantial fraction of the company works remotely, often from halfway across the company...)

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What I can't manage is to open the Corporate Email, without using the notifications menu.

There's a separate home-screen icon for it, called simply "Email". (As opposed to "Gmail".)

And yeah, I also turned off audible alerts for corporate email. 3AM aside, I know how much email I get from work, and it's more trouble than it's worth. This is more about me being able to check it ad-hoc when I want to, rather than being push-based. (If I could filter audible alerts for only high-priority messages I might consider it, but I don't see a way to do that.)

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Ditto: I've been very impressed with the OS. It's caught up with the iPhone in terms of tech, and looks like it's about to lap it. (I want the Remote Intents capability *now*...)

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Just so. I bought the Droid for personal use, but since I have the capability anyway, it seems appropriate to set things up to make my business workflow go smoother.

(And yeah -- the neat thing about the Droid is that I have started thinking of it as a laptop, rather than a phone. For many purposes, that's really how I treat it...)

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Yaas. My old laptop died a while back, and I recently replaced it with a netbook for note-taking, surfing, email and so on. But in practice, I use the phone probably 5-10 times as much as the netbook, even for those tasks...

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Droid 2 will probably be out in early fall -- should have a hardware keyboard. Lots of others.

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