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Dreamwidth continues to become more tempting
Even if you're not actively on DW, its news community can be an interesting read. They do weekly postings about enhancements, and when I see entries like this week's -- with features like dynamically-expandable cut tags, and merging of old tags so you can clean up your past entries -- the temptation to switch continues to grow...

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I attempted to at least create an account there and discovered that you apparently can't if you don't pay for it. I would call that a flaw in anything trying to replace LJ...

It's still in beta, probably because it wasn't as popular as they expected it to be. You need an invite code, just like in LJ's glory days.

Depends on what you want from an LJ replacement. I'd rather have invite codes (remember, LJ used to use them) combined with the ability to buy a one-month account for $3 as a way to bypass the code system than have ads and Pepsi-can vgifts.

I'd have LJ-messaged you an invite code, but I can't send you a message...so here it is; let me know if someone uses it before you get there, and I'll give you another one.

Yay! It worked! Thank you.

Oh, right -- invite codes! I'd forgotten all about those until etherial pointed it out. I've got one or two, since I'm a paid member -- want one?


You don't know me (and neither does jducoeur), but I came across this post while looking for Dreamwidth stuff. I know you have a code now, but one thing we're trying hard to do at Dreamwidth is to make it easy for people to find codes. There's a community called [site community profile] dw_codesharing, which is linked on the front page of Dreamwidth, where there are normally tons of invite codes. If you didn't know about that, then I have a question - where in your opinion would be the best place to put it so that people do know it exists?

For the record, I'm not staff at Dreamwidth, but I am a volunteer for them.

(apologies if I'm intruding, btw - both to you and to jducoeur.)

Not a problem -- good to see the DW community doing this sort of outreach, especially with the newer users...

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