Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Two great tastes...

Novell Pulse is a technology that I've been waiting for with... well, if not quite bated breath, at least much anticipation: it shows signs of being essentially an enterprise-focused version of Google Wave that I might actually be able to talk my company into using.

Scala is of course the language I keep burbling about: my current pick for single best language in production, with all the elements that make for engineering greatness.

And I just found out today that much of Pulse is written in Scala. More precisely, a lot of it is built on Lift, which is Scala's increasingly-mature web framework -- the equivalent of Rails for Ruby or ASP.NET for C#. Very neat to see, and informative -- the linked article has a bunch of quotes from Novell, which illustrate that, while Scala's toolchain isn't yet as complete as that of an older language like Java, the sheer expressive power of the language makes up for it. Very nice feather in their caps...
Tags: programming

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