Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

In memory yet bright shines the tennis game

In the background right now, the sports shows are on -- msmemory turned on Wimbledon in between soccer games. The commentators are all lionizing the epic tennis match between Isner and Mahut. (Which, for those who pay no attention to sports, happened a few days ago: the fifth set went On and On and On, tying and re-tying and re-tying again for more hours than anyone had ever considered possible. Tennis matches are supposed to be won 7-5 or something like that. This one went to 70-68.) To hear the commentary, this was one of the greatest tennis matches ever, to be remembered forever.

And meanwhile, I'm reading the Guardian's liveblog of the event, from while it was happening. (Sent me by Aaron a few minutes ago.) It is a brutal but rather funny reminder that a battle may look glorious in hindsight, but isn't necessarily so much fun at the time. Start reading at around 4pm...

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