Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Timing fail, but fun anyway

We managed to miss tpau and ladysprite on the 3-Day walk, unfortunately -- far as I can guess, we were slightly off in the timing, and they'd already come through that cheering station at the Woburn Y.

Still and all, it was great fun: we stuck around for an hour, and cheered on the walkers who were coming through at the time. It's curiously enjoyable even when you don't know the walkers: everybody's working really hard, so coming and being their fan club for a while is kinda neat. The whole thing is a very upbeat celebration.

So three cheers to ladysprite, tpau and the other 1600 ladies and men raising a great deal of money in a good cause! They should be finishing up sometime soon downtown, after a serious marathon of both fund-raising and walking, and deserve high congratulations for it...

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