Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Last Excuse Gone

One more step towards my upcoming New Year's resolution. I've just nailed down the last character in my play. I've had this play brewing, both in my head and on disc, for a good five years now. One minor point has stood in my way: the protagonist's girlfriend had neither personality nor arc, and I can't start really writing until I know who all of these characters are.

And while I was lying in bed just now, I got it -- personality, desires and arc, bundled into one image, as they are wont to be. (Following my favorite dictum of scriptwriting, that you figure out what the character wants first, and the plot will take care of itself from there.)

Which leaves me with no excuses for another of The Great Works -- it's time to get the play started. Which calls, I think, for a posting on the Works...

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