Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Harvard Classics going begging

One of last week's projects was building new bookcases -- my Period Games and Dance case was... well, a bit heavily loaded, and the combination of that (plus, probably, some impetus from a cat at some point) had caused the whole thing to begin collapsing. It was still standing, but as far as I could tell, this was solely because my French encyclopedia of games was holding the whole thing up. So we took the opportunity of our Pennsic van, and before returning that we made a big IKEA run for new cases.

Those are now built, and everything is rearranged to be less insane. But in the course of creating "less insane", we've decided that we really don't have good space for our set of the Harvard Classics.

The Classics are the so-called "five-foot shelf of books". Far as I've ever been able to figure out, it's Harvard's longtime core curriculum of literature: 50 volumes of it, covering essentially all of history. You wind up with Greek literature in translation, next to a volume of Elizabethan poetry -- that sort of thing, plus major historical documents, essays, and so on. Rather cool in a lit-geek way, but we've wound up with better editions of most of the bits we really care about.

So it's available to the first person to come take it away. (If you want to give us the $50 we paid for it, we wouldn't refuse, but getting it out of the living room is the high priority, and we'd rather it go to someone who is more likely to properly appreciate it.) Like I said, it's 50 modest hardcovers. Appears to be the 1938 edition, printed in 1965. All of it is in pretty good shape. Today's party is a fine opportunity to come claim it. We'll put it up for Freecycle or the public library if nobody else claims it, but the friends list gets first dibs.

(We've also got some duplicates and such that'll be going out during the party -- as always, the bookcases need a bit of weeding...)

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