Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Par-tay, and other followup

We were a bit worried going into the Memorial Day party: we had enough RSVPs to run the party, but not quite enough to get the sort of boisterous dynamic we prefer. In the end, though, we got more like 30-35 people there, which was enough to have a good, loud party of people meeting each other, hanging out, and generally having fun. The weather was about as good as we could possibly hope for: the worst I can say is that it was cool enough to eventually drive us inside, but that just meant that it was cool enough that we *could* hang out inside -- as a result, the party continued until 11ish, and we didn't kick the last folks out until almost 1am. We didn't wind up filking (at some point, I think I need to convene a party whose sole purpose is singing and storytelling), but a good time was had.

(Parties continued to be the theme of the weekend; we spent much of Monday at something that I think was actually admitting it was a Labor Day party. That was also fun, and gave us an opportunity to use up the remaining meat that we had bought in a panic, once we realized how many people had actually shown up at ours.)

We did manage to give away the Harvard Classics, to ladymacgregor, who I gather is planning to actually follow the a-bit-a-day reading plan outlined with the set.

Dance practice was last night; since it was Rosh Hashana, I ran it. It was a big, boisterous, fun practice. We were all slightly disappointed not to succeed in dragging any freshmen to it, but we had enough relatively-new folks that the Guild Fair seemed to be worthwhile, and folks had a good time.

Tonight, we pause and catch our breath -- make dinner, watch some TV, and begin to merge comic books. I've spent much of the past few months climbing back on the wagon there: I got my comic book database updated to Rails 2.something so it would run again, and finished sorting the last bits. Now, I have nine runs in the Spare Oom, consisting of an average of about 7 boxes each. I figure that I can do two merge passes, bringing that down into two Really Big Runs, and at *that* point I will be ready to bring the Ancient and Original Comic Book Sort (from 1991) home, merge the whole damned thing, and finally have all 90+ boxes in order. (And at that point, I can figure out which bits I actually want to keep, and what I'm getting rid of.) Progress continues to be slow, but at least it's back to measurable again.

Looking forward to a non-crazy weekend: the main highlight will be Cooks Guild, which will have a panel discussion consisting of msmemory and new_man talking about feast preparation. That lets us catch our breath for the *next* two weekends, which *will* be a little crazy -- 7 hours north to Quebec for Investiture, and then 7 hours south for Coronation...
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