Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Muscles starting to remember how to stretch

On the plus side: our yoga class started its fall session last week. I had been doing the weekly yoga class for the first half of the year, but fell off the wagon at the beginning of the summer for a variety of reasons. But I've now wound up as the main contact person for the class, which is a fine spur to actually going each week.

Let's be honest: I don't exactly have the ideal body for yoga, and heaven knows I'm not in great shape. Down Dog for any great length of time will leave me shaking, my hips are weird (as everyone at dance practice knows from watching me bend my knees), and I never quite breathe right while doing crunched postures.

But man -- it does always feel good anyway. Even if my limits are lower than I'd like, pushing up to them and a ways beyond is seriously satisfying. I may start off too tight, but I'm good at pushing a bit further with every exhalation. While I may not be able to bend half as well as most of the class, I can twist better than most, and I'm stubborn enough that I do manage to hold the more difficult postures. (If quivering slightly.) There's a bit of spaghetti-arms afterwards, but it's well-earned, and leaves me feeling better for the rest of the day...
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