Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Passing on some views on tomorrow's primaries

cos asked for folks to post pointers to his post on the subject; his politics and mine don't always line up, but I suspect I agree with him here, so here's such a pointer.

On the hot-button topic: when I first heard about the Guy Glodis thing, I confess that my reaction was to dismiss it as a smear campaign by one of his competitors. I may disagree with many politicians, but I don't usually think of them as stupid. But he's had plenty of time to disavow it, and seems to be dancing around it instead -- not only admitting that he *did* send it around, but showing complete cluelessness about why people are offended. I mean, I agree that freedom of speech gives him the right to say what he likes -- but that's largely a non-sequiteur. He is legally entitled to his opinion, but when he's in the middle of running for public office I am *certainly* going to take his words into account.

Best I can figure, even if cos' characterization of him as a racist asshole *may* (or may not) be overstated, he's certainly an idiot who doesn't know how to comport himself in public. I'm willing to forgive someone who says something stupid, but not if they're unwilling to take responsibility for their mistake. And while the topic is tangential to the office in question, it's not nearly tangential enough: an Auditor, by definition, should be as fair and impartial a person as you can get, and entrusting it to an apparent bigot seems unwise.

All of which leads to me agree with cos in this one: that Glodis is unsuitable for public office, so it probably makes strategic sense to vote for Suzanne Bump...
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