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Okay, Jeff Perry is today's poster child for What's Wrong With Politics
I have no idea who he is, aside from the newly-annointed GOP candidate for the 10th district. But he's officially annoying me with the most extreme example of hypocrisy I've seen in a while. In his acceptance speech, he started out by decrying all the mud-slinging and the nasty tone in politics -- and in *the very next paragraph* proceeded to excoriate the Democrats. Far as I can tell, in his mind, all the "mud-slinging" is coming from the Democrats, and anything *he* says is simple honesty. Sheesh...

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Or, equally bad, he just knows that part of the formula he's learned for a speech like that is to decry negative campaigning, but hasn't applied any critical thinking to it.

Or, his speech was the work of several hands that didn't quite know what each other was doing, and he didn't apply any critical thinking to the final product.

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