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NPR Article on SCA Book
From the SCA Laurels list, I got the pointer to this nice little article on the NPR website, talking about the newish book Suburban Knights. Especially if you haven't seen the book, the article's worth a read: it's decently sympathetic and moderately accurate, and the book's quite neat -- a deeply serious photography book of SCA fighters in their armor. Most SCA combat shots look goofy, but there's a lot of dignity on display here...

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"These are not your average re-enactors. They're not simply re-staging historical events, but re-creating an epoch."

Hey. What do they think we're doing in the RevWar - just watching "Paul Revere" ride by?


There are no such thing as "average" reenactors. There are many, many adjectives which can be applied, but "average" is not one I'd choose.

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