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Oh, dear -- Tasker is a dangerously tempting toy
I've previously mentioned Tasker, the app that lets you do roughly anything with your Android phone. I just happened to be skimming the wiki's list of profiles that people have contributed, and came across this one, which rings US Navy Ship's Bells every half hour.

Which means that, if that's possible, I could program my phone to ring Westminster Chimes.

Intellectually, I'm certain that this would become incredibly annoying *really* fast. But it's still tempting to go looking for the necessary sound files...

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o/~ Oranges and lemons say the bells of St. Clemens... o/~

If you do make it do that, play it for me?

Well, the whole point of Westminster Chimes is that they should play on the quarter-hour -- that's why it would get so annoying. (But they are pretty: we have a now non-funct clock that plays them...)

Oh, the battery meter difference from the last Tasker note is solved. It's a FroYo thing. Now that FroYo has hit the Droid X, I see all sorts of apps in the battery usage that I didn't used to.

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