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Happy New Year!
No, I'm not holding a New Year's Party early to compensate for the late Memorial Day party.

As many of you know, I am an Nancyist. This is a simple faith, with few commandments (the Wearing of the Button being the principal one, of course). And its primary holiday is the turn of the year. But the Nancyist year is different from other years, since its length is determined by the individual adherent. And so, once a year, on this New Year's Eve, we must engage in the ritual Counting of the Buttons, which determines the length of the following year.

The next year shall be 630 buttons long. Verily, my button-box floweth over.

Actually, that's a little scary even for me. But I do take my small joys in the courage of my own geekitude...

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Wait — does this mean you acquire buttons as in a game of Dominion, putting any new buttons into the already-worn box, and not wearing them until the year in which they were acquired has ended?

(My question is based on the assumption that you start the year by moving all buttons to the "unworn" box, then moving each to "worn" after its day in the sun, combined with your statement that you know now how long the coming year is going to be.)

Hah! Your "logic" has no place in the good halls of Nancyism.

(Hoist on my own inconsistencies, I am...)

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