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Of course, everything interesting is available online...
... including that set of books I bought at Pennsic. baron_steffan found a page that collects PDFs of the entire thing.

I'm not going to shed tears over it -- I can afford it, and it's more fun to read in paper. But those who want to take a dig into it don't need to wait for me to finish in order to give it a look themselves...

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But how good of you to support your "local" Pennsic bookshop, help them maintain their livelihood, stay in business so they can provide other rare books that are not available online, and thrive for years to come. Good karma.

Well, yes, there really is a lot to be said, IMO, for holding the actual thing in your hands. I was really unsure about posting that, truth be told. Recently I've been trying to google a title before lust sets in, and I've found some interesting stuff (well, to me anyway...). And if you can afford it, supporting your local eclectic bookmonger is very good karma indeed. So yay, you.

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