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And for something completely different (and quite a bit tastier)
While browsing at the Canadian duty-free recently (I think; might have been the NH State Store, but it was definitely on the way home from Havre des Glaces Investiture), I picked up a bottle of RumChata on spec.

Oooh -- that's yummy stuff. It's basically almond-flavored Bailey's. Their "RumChata Martini" (mixed with vanilla vodka) is essentially a high-test orgeat -- brings back fond memories of Pennsic while getting one pleasantly buzzed...

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Suddenly I wonder what rum and almond milk is like. Experimental results will be posted.

How does it compare to simply mixing amaretto and Bailey's? I'm fond of a Nutty Irishman (Frangelico and Bailey's). Now I'll have to try adding a little vanilla vodka....

Haven't tried that. My suspicion is that it comes out a bit differently: the flavor is specifically horchata (which isn't quite as intense an almond flavor as Amaretto), and it seems like Bailey's would add some additional complexities to the mix. So probably similar, but not identical...

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