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Okay, let's say it out loud: I actually like Deval Patrick
From the media onslaught (and the really impressive array of road signs in Burlington), one would think that all of MA was planning on voting for Charlie Baker -- or at most were voting *against* Baker. Because of course, no one could possibly want to vote for Deval Patrick.

But y'know, I voted for the guy the first time around, and I don't regret the decision. Sure, he's made some decisions I disagree with, but I don't think I can name a politician of any import of whom that's not true. By and large I've found his policies and approaches decently sensible, and his dismissive attitude toward the usual political bullshit rather refreshing. (As opposed to Baker, who seems to be an identikit Republican candidate, with just enough carefully managed "anger" to get some Tea Party street cred, lots of good-sounding soundbites that turn out to be mutually contradictory when you look at them carefully, but mostly a cautious avoidance of concrete proposals.)

So we're letting the Patrick campaign put out a lawn sign, because I actually do want to see him re-elected. The noise machine is very focused on All Incumbents Are Evil, but I don't agree.

(Of course, my random button of the day is the traditional "Cthulhu for President: Why Vote For the Lesser Evil?". Seems to be the meme of the day...)

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I won't be heartbroken if Patrick wins, but I'm going third party this time.

Not a terrible decision: I have some respect for both Cahill and Stein. But after some thought, I do suspect that Patrick is better at the actual job of governor (the tricky and compromising work of governance, rather than being the symbolic leader) than either is likely to be...

Definitely Cahill. Stein just doesn't have the necessary force of personality for it. The last gubernatorial debate I saw, she clearly had good ideas, but was completely and utterly lost (and Patrick came off as a bit of an idiot).

I suspect it'll be Patrick again anyway, but I think Cahill's experience as treasurer is a solid background.

Cahill supports a Soviet-style ID law like the one AZ has. I wouldn't touch him with a 10-foot pole.

Citation? All I can find are quotes complaining about the protestors when the AZ governor was speaking in Boston.

There's also this gem, though, equating Muslims with terrorists.

The Fox News Broadcast I saw at 4:25 PM on 7/9 while at a rest area on my way to GNE. I'll see if I can find video. (Turns out twitter *is* useful for something...)

Hmm. Yeah, that's pretty tasteless...

Best I can do is this. There's an Australian Soccer captain named Tim Cahill that's clouding my google fu.

Interesting -- I hadn't heard that. I agree that I'd like to see a cite. Wouldn't entirely astonish me, I'm afraid: it felt like Cahill briefly flirted with the Tea Party early on, before backing away a couple of months ago, and that almost demands saying stupid shit...

(Deleted comment)
Interesting. Anything in particular? While I haven't loved Cahill's campaign, it hasn't struck me as unusually bad. (Certainly it hasn't annoyed me nearly as much as the bile leaking across the border from NH, where the GOP campaign is impressively vicious and content-free...)

(Deleted comment)
Actually, at this point it sounds like a toss-up between Patrick and Baker, although I do expect Cahill to make a respectable showing. (The mess last week certainly hurt him, but he's fighting back nicely...)

I'm voting for Patrick. I think he's done an acceptable job of navigating the state through difficult economic decisions. I believe he was willing to make tough choices after looking at complex issues and didn't just go for the easy/popular answer. The fact that he stuck to his guns and didn't cave in to pressure from his own party on allowing slots at the race tracks was a win for me - I have mixed feelings about the casino issue and throwing extra slots around in order to buy political support for the bill by propping up the failing race tracks seemed ill-advised. He's done some bone-headed stuff (particularly early in his tenure), but so would the other candidates as none of them are magically perfect.

Baker strikes me as an empty suit who's great at using his amazing powers of 20/20 hindsight to say what he would have done differently than Patrick, but not so hot on telling me what he'd do in the future. I may not like all of Patrick's decisions, but I do believe that he thinks them through rationally, rather than following the party line. I refuse to vote for an opposition candidate who's platform is mostly "I oppose you."

Stein has a few ideas I like, but I can't bring myself to vote for someone who I don't believe could run a successful administration. I look back at how hard it's been for the democratic governor to deal with democratic state house and I don't see how Stein would be able to get anything done (Cahill falls somewhat into this concern as well, but from a different direction - and he's got other problems that make him not viable to me).

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