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The joys of entering the age of voice recognition
On the one hand, voice recognition is now much better than it used to be, and that's great. OTOH, that doesn't mean it's perfect.

One of the neat new features in Android is "Note to Self". If I hold the Search button, it pops up a voice-recognition box that accepts several commands. One of those is "note to self", which takes the rest of what you say and turns it into an email to yourself. This is one of those features that I now can't figure out how I lived without, because it's so useful. It shows you the email that it's planning to create, and allows you to add more to it before you send.

But it's still voice recognition, and that's not perfect. It's especially imperfect when I'm using relatively obscure jargon -- for instance, the fact that I grew up calling the toiletry bag in my suitcase a "Dobb Kit". (Which is what my grandparents always called it.)

And that, in turn, is why I find an email in my inbox today that says,
Deodorant for bobcat bobcat medicine kit
I believe we've found a new source of dadaist art...

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That's an amusing image, indeed!

I always thought it was called a "Dopp kit," after the original producer, Charles Doppelt. "Dobb kit" makes me think it's a starter kit for your very own branch of the Church of the SubGenius. ;-)

Same here. (Though wouldn't the latter be a "Dobbs kit"?)

EDIT: latter. Stupid typos that FFox's spell checking can't see....)

Edited at 2010-10-25 02:57 pm (UTC)

That's what Wikipedia says.

But "bopcat" wouldn't be nearly so funny.

That's probably the correct pronunciation, but it seems to be a bit inconsistent -- while "Dopp kit" seems to be most common, I do find other references to "Dobb kit" online. Presumably, since it's jargon in the first place, there was some linguistic drift before it got to me.

(The SubG image is wonderful, though. I wonder what dryfoo would recommend putting into such a thing?)

(Deleted comment)
You'd think that, especially at a hospital, they'd tune the recognition to properly pick up 'bloodborn'.

and here I thought the pathogens were an STD :)

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
"Hey there, I was just checking to see you any. Gimme a call from the pharmacy So I was. I thought I would affect any. Bye now. But I believe I love chocolate. My phone with you. "

Yup. I have GoogleVoice transcribe my voicemails for me just for the laughs.

I've always called it a "ditty kit" but I have no idea why %^).

And yeah, that bobcat medicine really smells....

But what's the second bobcat? Just keeping the first one company? :-)

Oh, I think there's just one -- but it comes out sounding more like beat poetry if you repeat it...

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