Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Okay, I like Twisty

Somehow, it hadn't previously occurred to me to look up the inevitable Z-Machine interpreter for Android -- that is, the program that lets you play all the old Infocom games and their ilk. As it happens, in this case the program to look for seems to be Twisty.

I've just downloaded and installed it, and it clearly knows what it's doing. When I open it, I get a text window that says,
You are holding a modern-looking smartphone which can be typed upon. The phone's battery discharges merrily. You feel an inexplicable urge to press the phone's "menu" key.
Which not only tells me what to do, it does so in exactly the right idiom...

[ETA: Big caveat -- while Twisty deals with classic z-machine, it doesn't appear to deal with the newer file formats, and most new games are coming out with those new formats. So the current 0.8 version doesn't sound like it'll run newer games, although the upcoming 2.0 version may get there eventually...]

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