Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Another Little Resolution

Two different issues have been preying a bit on my mind in recent months. One is pretty basic: my gradually expanding waistline. The other is a trend in ecological news: the point that beef production is one of the most unecological activities on earth -- a tasty but horribly inefficient way to produce calories.

I found myself standing on a buffet line this past week, and was hit with a little epiphany. Nothing earth-shaking, but along the lines of my resolution a year or two ago to Drive 5 MPH Slower When I Can. The idea there was to be realistic: I'm not going to pretend that I am *always* going to succeed in driving slowly. But if I can knock my speed down *most* of the time, that does a little ecological benefit, and probably does my blood pressure a bit of good as well, without really costing me anything.

So along similar lines, the new resolution is simple and achieveable: Avoid Bad Hamburgers. I mean, I'm not going to turn into a vegetarian -- indeed, I'm quite fond of a *good* hamburger. But modern life makes it altogether too easy to eat hamburgers simply as the most convenient way to suck down calories, and that sucks from *so* many points of view. It encourages all the badness in beef production; it's terrible for me; and for all that, it doesn't even usually *taste* all that good. The buffet in question was from a reasonably good food producer, but it's almost impossible to crank out large numbers of burgers at once for a crowd and *not* have them wind up sucking.

So simply by resolving to seek other alternatives if possible, rather than eating a crappy hamburger just because it's the default option, I suspect I will wind up cutting about a third of the beef out of my diet right there. Surely that's a win. (And as I was reminded in that buffet line, grabbing a piece of the fish, putting that on a roll, and adding some tabasco is better-tasting and significantly better for me...)

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