Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Now *that* is cider

Mmm. Good apple cider requires preparation and planning.

Around 6-8 weeks ago, we picked up a couple of half-gallons from Derby Farm, out in Bolton. Derby is a fairly unremarkable-looking little farmstand, with two important characteristics: they don't pasteurize their apple cider, and they have Good Yeast. We brought the bottles home, stuck them in the back of the fridge, and forgot about them for a couple of months.

Today, I decided that the cider bottles looked sufficiently inflated, with a good inch of airspace on top and the sides rather ballooned out. They opened with satisfying pop, and poured with a head that would make Guinness proud.

Yum. Homemade hard cider is just better than the stuff you can buy in stores. The texture is just a little thicker than when the cider is new; it's bubbly and sweet -- hardened just long enough to provide flavor, but not so much as to go dry and very alcoholic. And there's something special about a treat that can only be made once a year, and which is only around for a couple of weeks. We don't do anything fancy to it, so it usually begins to go to vinegar before terribly long. Nothing for it but to drink it down...

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