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Facebook Hook Posting
Most of you can ignore this -- it exists solely so that my parents can respond to it, so that I can get an LJ handle to their FB accounts, so that I can put them into posting filters. (I eventually figured out how to add FB people to filters, but the process is a bit baroque.)

So, Dad, Sandy: please each add a comment to this posting, using your FB account.

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Thanks for posting this so we can keep up with Jane's progress

not your target audience, but I'd like to learn how to do this :o)

Here's the relevant FAQ. Basically, you need them to comment on something; then you can use that comment to friend them, and add them into custom filters...

Wow, that's pretty cool.

thanks for adding us to your account

Mark, please add me as well.

Hi Mark,

Dave gave me instructions. Once I succeed in accessing your blog, I'll help Lee do it on the phone. Let me know if there's anything else I can do to save you time and trouble.

Martha :)

Mark I hope this is the comment place

Mark I hope this is the comment place

Okay - looking forward to updates

Access to your Jane health filter

Hi Mark,

If you can give me access to your Jane Health blog, I'll be happy to keep Lee updated. Bob tried the instructions you gave Lee and said the identity and password didn't work for him either. I promise not to bug you or Jane, I just want to help Lee stay informed so she doesn't get news she's unprepared to receive.

Hoping you're both managing okay.
Aunt Martha

Re: Access to your Jane health filter

That doesn't make sense -- Mom's account *did* log in and friend me a day or two ago. (I was notified of it.) So I'm pretty sure it's working properly.

But anyway, I've added you to the filter...

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