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We Have Potterized

(Pottrified? That would seem the apt adjective.)

Anyway, the capsule review of the movie is that it was a bit better than the first, but is still a decent 2.75 hour movie with a good 2 hour movie trying to get out. Someone needs to grow a backbone and realize that these stories need editing in order to translate them onto the screen. There was a lot of flab, especially in the action scenes, that could have been cut in order to make the story tighter.

No major surprises, but that's not surprising since I've read the book. As always, the casting was perfect, the acting and direction reasonably solid. Lucius Malfoy emanates just the right note of sinister evil; Gilderoy Lockhart was a tad more obviously buffoonish than I would have preferred, but Branagh is always good at chewing scenery. Dobby wasn't as annoying as I was expecting -- I think they did actually edit him down a bit.

And we got a preview for The Two Towers. Brief, but enough to remind us that it's less than a month away...

-- Justin
Who observes that this movie season is playing out as a repeat of last year. And where last year's obvious meme was small people riding the backs of large trolls, this year's would appear to be large evil spiders. Hopefully Nemesis won't fill in for Clones in the role of Sucky Sci-Fi Movie...

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