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Style points for pointless but amusing crowdsourcing
Just got an email from Toyota that they are expanding the Prius family of cars. (To include a plug-in hybrid and a station wagon, both of which are intriguing.)

The byline is "Prius Goes Plural", and the cute hook is that they are taking a vote on what the plural of Prius should *be*. I voted for "prii", which may or may not be good latin (I don't remember whether "prium" is more correct), but sounds right to my ear.

Totally pointless, and we'll see whether they do anything with the result, but as viral marketing goes (especially to geeks), it's quite clever...

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But in this case, it's a proper noun, unsure of gender. What's the gender of the word for wagon?

I think you are right, Justin.

Depends on the wagon, Volvos are all male.

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