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Interment Information

[Forward-dated, like the funeral information, so that this post will stay at the top of my journal until the interment has passed.]

Jane's burial will be held on Monday morning, at 10:30am, at Pine Haven Cemetary in Burlington.

Note that Google simply doesn't know about Pine Haven, which is the "new" cemetary in Burlington, and I don't have a street address to point you to. (Although in practice, 84 Bedford Street, Burlington, MA seems to work, at least in Google.) This link points to a Google Map showing where the cemetary is -- it's the loop road shown here. To get there, take 128/95 to Rte. 3A North into Burlington. At the town green, turn left onto Bedford Street. You will pass Chestnut Hill Cemetary (the "old" cemetary), which is *not* the one you want -- keep going around the bend and up the hill, and Pine Haven is on the right. (Largely unmarked, but it's clearly a small cemetary if you pay attention.)

When you enter the cemetary, please turn *left* and go around the loop road, keeping the chapel on your right; park on the road sometime before you get to the chapel. The gravesite is near the chapel, but we need to keep the road in the right-hand direction clear for the hearse. (If you click on this link, it's a massively zoomed-in view that is roughly centered on the gravesite.)

The burial is intended for family and close friends (I'm figuring a few dozen people, rather than the few hundred likely to come to the funeral), but I'm being deliberately loose in the definitions here, leaving it to folks to decide whether "close friends" applies to them -- I'm not turning away anyone who wants to come. (Yes, I'm a Carolingian to my core.) And "family" certainly includes members of Lochleven, Silverwing, Windsmeet, Crossert and Moomba who want to come and have the morniing free.
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