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Okay, it really needs to stop snowing now...
... because my plow guy just came, and while he *did* manage to mostly clear behind my cars, the wall at the side of the driveway is now, no shit, eight feet high. I'm pretty sure that his truck simply isn't capable to adding anything more to it.

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I am in Maine and somehow we have less snow than you...you may just have to start a tunnel system instead of plowing ;)
Still I want to run away to a tropical island until late April.

Yeah -- *that* question is why my father is building a house on Sanibel at the moment. (As their annual trips down there got longer and longer, it has started to look silly to think of New Jersey at their primary residence.)

Yup. Spent 2.5 hours shoveling this morning. Definitely running out of places to put it. And will probably need to shove the completely untouched walk to the front door, to allow the delivery of a new mattress... grr.

There are piles of snow on the sides of the driveway that are taller than me, and we have a lot more places to put it than your driveway has...

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