Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Jungle Speed

[Pardon the burblage -- I'm snowed-in for now, and not having her here to talk to is one of the harder bits.]

One of the rather scary highlights of Birkacon this year was accidentally discovering the game Jungle Speed. It's rather delightful in a violent sort of way: a party game for when everyone is keyed up. (And possibly somewhat drunk.) I commend the rules to you: it's quick and easy to learn, and is almost how we played it. (Except that, this being Birka, the civilized rules about how to conduct duels went out the window -- we had people conducting tickle fights, pulling each other across the table, and pretty much any other underhanded approach we could think of to win. Ryan McWhyte wound up particularly battered by the end of the evening.)

Anyway, I've ordered a copy, and will likely bring it to some appropriate gaming occasions. It's a fine addition to the set of "games that can be played by more than six people" collection...

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