Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Arisia Panels

For my personal records (and in case anyone wants to check them out), here are the panels I'm going to be on at Arisia this year:

Cool Comics You're Not Reading Yet (Sat 11am, moderator)
A panel I'm supremely well-qualified for, if I do say so myself. We'll talk about some of the underappreciated comics that are currently on the stands, and why they're worth reading.

Pitfalls for New GMs, and How To Avoid Them (Sat 2pm)
Inevitably this one will have a lot of war stories, but it should be fun and useful. I'll obviously be focused on LARP, although I'm not sure whether the panel is solely concerned with it.

Fictitious Religions (Sat 5pm)
This one I simply had to get onto -- it's an opportunity to explore the concepts and boundaries of religion. While I suspect there will be some discussion of "existing" fictional religions, I hope that we can steer onto some broader discussion of how far you can push the idea without losing it entirely.

The Next Big Thing in Technology (Sun 11am, moderator)
I'm specifically hoping that folks come by here, because this is one where I can't simply hold forth and BS for an hour. Indeed, I expect to mostly organize this one, but not talk as much. I plan to lay out some major areas of technology (biotech, computers, nanotech, space science, etc), and try to spend some time on each. I hope to get a bunch of audience participation -- it's such a broad topic that I think lots of folks will have good input...

And of course, there's Celebration, the Friday night LARP that Christian and I are running. There's still space in the game, but it's filling up steadily -- I think we're getting to about 2/3 full now...

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