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Teaching at the Winter Ball

Word seems to be getting around, but let's do a little signal propagation: we've got what looks to be a lovely little event coming up imminently. It's been put together somewhat quickly, so hasn't gotten much publicity, but the Borough of Felding (Wellesley College) is hosting an evening of dance next Friday, the 25th. (Yes, Friday.) I'll be teaching all of the dances, which will include lots of easier stuff, and everyone is welcome. It should be a good time -- low-stress, fun and a good opportunity to see folks in the midst of the cold winter.

Event announcement below the cut; suffice it to say, it's at the traditional Falling Leaves hall. Hope to see folks there!

The Ladies of Felding like to dance. So they invite all and sundry to join them and the Waytes of Carolingia at a Winter Ball, to bring cheer into this cold month with lively music and dance.

This event will take place FRIDAY evening, February 25, 2011, at Alumnae Hall Ballroom at Wellesley College. The site will open at 7pm, with dancing commencing at 8pm and continuing until 11pm. Light refreshments will be served.

This is a FREE event. Light refreshments will be served for free. Please feel welcome to contribute suitable dishes.

The formal site address is: Alumnae Hall Ballroom, Wellesley College, 106 Central St., Wellesley, MA.


From the West:
Take I90 to Exit 14 (Weston). Go south on I95/Route 128 for 1/2 mile to Exit 21B (Route 16). *Follow Route 16 West for 2.9 miles to a stoplight (5-way intersection) in the town of Wellesley; **go straight on Route 135 West. At the third traffic light, turn left into the main entrance of Wellesley College, then bear right into the parking garage.

From the North or South:
Take I95/Route 128 to Exit 21B, onto Route 16 West. Then follow from * above.

From Inner Carolingia:
Take your best route to the intersection of I90 and Route 16 in West Newton. Follow Route 16 West for 4.7 miles to a stoplight (5-way intersection) in the town of Wellesley; then follow from ** above.

When You Reach the Parking Garage:
Park; there are visitor spaces clearly marked on various levels, but the bottom level may be most convenient. Once there, walk out the open end onto the green, and Alumnae Hall will be to your right; the event will be in the ballroom on the ground floor.

If you park on one of the higher garage levels, it may be easier to exit the garage by its main entry. You will be facing Alumnae Hall now, so cross the vehicle turn-around, and go down the exterior steps on the left
side of the building to the ground floor entry.

Here's a map: http://www.wellesley.edu/CampusMaps/#

For more information, please contact the Event Steward:
Lady Eowyn Eilonwy of Alewife Brook
(Pandora Berman)
29 Reed St., Cambridge, MA, 02140
(617) 492-7274 -- best noon to midnight

or the Site Liaison & Chief Co-conspirator:
Juliana of Felding
(Julie Vining)
21 Wellesley College Road, Wellesley, MA
(978) 317-3427

Please forward this announcement to other relevant & interested lists.
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