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The definition of "a lot of clothing"

You have to keep in mind, the deal between me and Jane was always that we indulged each other's addictions -- her my comic books, me her clothes habit. I don't think I ever took the word "addiction" literally until today, though. Can you be addicted to clothes shopping? I guess you can.

Susan offered, some time back, to deal with the clothes; that's a major project, and I took her up on it. So for the first phase, I rented a storage unit last week, and today Susan and Mark came over to work with me on moving clothing into it. I rented a 9x12' unit -- not the world's biggest, but surely big enough for *clothes*, right? I may have made an error.

Today, Susan built 10 clothing racks in the storage unit. We've already filled all of them, and probably need several more tomorrow. We've already brought over seven large Rubbermaid bins that were already full of sweaters and things. I think there are another several pre-filled with out-of-season clothing in the attic. I have ten more that are empty for us to fill up tomorrow from dressers and bookshelves, and I have a nasty feeling that it's not going to be enough. And that's to say nothing of the 75+ pairs of shoes that we've been fishing out of every nook and cranny of the closets. I think Jane owned more clothing that she had never worn (based on the tags still hanging from it) than many of my friends own clothing in total.

I loved Jane dearly, and mostly I'm bemused by the whole thing. But having lived with this habit for the 25 years that she's been accumulating (and, admittedly, aiding and abetting much of it -- the reason so much of it is from Chico's is that I *like* much of Chico's line, so she knew that she could drag me in there and get a relatively interested and involved opinion), I've kind of been the boiled frog, never consciously noticing as the closets got more and more full. Now, though, as we move carload after carload of it, I'm starting to realize just how much there is -- and how empty some bits of the house are going to feel afterwards. It's rather freaky, suddenly realizing that, even using generous amounts of rod space, I simply don't have a use for 2/3 of these long-overfilled closets...
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