Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Deprecating the Observer Pattern

Folks who want to stretch their brains with some cutting-edge programming thought may be interested in this paper:


It’s by some high-level Scala language geeks (including Martin Odersky, the main driving force behind the Scala language), and provides some fascinating arguments about the nigh-ubiquitous Observer programming pattern. It argues that Observer, while somewhat convenient (especially in C#, where it is baked into the language), is pretty broken conceptually in a variety of ways. Through extensive refactoring, they show a wildly different approach to event management, that wraps events up into higher-level, composable pieces.

Very neat stuff, and a bracing reminder of the modern programming techniques that are starting to come in. This stuff is much more powerful than Observer, and I suspect much safer in lots of respects, but it is sufficiently *different* that it requires playing Silly-Putty with my brain to wrap my head around it...
Tags: programming

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