Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Diary the Second: The Felding Winter Ball

Last night's project was an event sponsored by Felding, proving that they still exist.

This brewed up at the last minute -- it went onto the schedule all of ten days ago -- and I went in with modest expectations. Since it was a Friday evening, Aaron couldn't easily attend; however, my Fridays are now gapingly open (it's going to take a *long* time to get used to Friday not always being Date Night), so I volunteered to run dance. Given the short notice -- and moreover, the fact that it was snowing heavily in Towers -- I was expecting it to be lightly attended, a cute gathering of 15-20 people.

Nothing of the sort: in fact, the event was a good size, and proved a total blast. This was largely because Wellesley turned out in force -- Juliana, the current Provost, did a great job of publicity, with the result that we got 25 or so eager students there. I don't know how many had previously done anything with Felding, but this will hopefully prove a short in the arm for the borough. Combined with a roughly similar number from the Barony and environs and we had somewhere in the ballpark of 50-60 attendees, most of them doing most of the dances -- a fine size for a local dance event.

I ran about 15 dances, teaching everything as I went; I went fast, and occasionally pushed the crowd a little too quickly, but by and large folks seemed to be keeping up and having fun. I strongly favored easy crowd-pleasers, and those went over magnificently: Pinwheel nearly devolved into chaos, but the crowd cried out for more when it was done.

Overall, it was a great time: just the sort of small but energetic and focused event that I most enjoy, with everybody up and *doing* stuff instead of just sitting around talking. I'm grateful to Eowyn for putting the thing together, and Juliana for doing all the borough-side work: both did a great job.

(Following the event, several of us repaired to John Harvard's for a wind-down snack and drink. Note to self: they close the kitchen at midnight, and the pub at 1am. Not too bad by suburban standards, but I must remember not to expect city hours of them.)
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