Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Diary the Fifth: Sleeves

Finally, the one depressing note of the past few days, yet another instance of "It's the little stuff that gets you".

As I got ready for the event yesterday, I came to a distressing realization: I can't quite dress myself. Most of my garb shirts have sleeves that tie at the wrists; while it's just barely possible for me to do so while wearing them, it's very difficult and I don't do a good job with it.

Of course, I've built up all these shirts because getting ready for events has always been a joint project, with us helping each other get dressed. Me asking her to tie me up was always good for a smirk on both our parts, an inevitable part of prep.

Of all the little daily inconveniences of dealing with bachelor life, this one's surprisingly high on the list of things that are actually a hassle. Some tasks really called for both of us...
Tags: diary, jane

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