Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

A reminder from last night

I want to see more movies in 2011. I realized last night that I'd seen none of the nominees except Toy Story 3, and the latter we saw only because it was playing on shipboard when Jane's health prevented us from getting out-and-about as much as we'd intended on the cruise. (I confess that Deathly Hallows managed to go past without my even realizing it was in the theaters, because the past year has been so distracted. I do want to get to it, if only as prep for the second half -- arguably the only part of the HP series that was clearly *written* for cinema.)

Jane and I have gotten to very few movies in recent years, due largely to stay-at-home apathy, but the fact is that I am quite fond of movies as a medium. Not everything, mind -- I'm not much of a one for weepies or dumb buddy-bonding flicks, and do demand at least a modicum of plot in my action movies -- but my tastes are pretty broad, ranging from romcoms to blow-em-up science fiction to indie-thinkie fare.

All of which boils down to: when there are movie outings, please keep me in the loop, and I may foment some myself. My schedule's kind of crazy right now, but it's mostly voluntary-crazy, so planning for a movie trip isn't hard.

And that further reminds me: who'd be interested in the occasional movie night? I've got this big great room, and now I've got the big TV set to go with it; sometime soon I'm planning to pick up a Blu-Ray player and a Netflix subscription. I've missed *so* many movies in recent years that I'd like to catch up with, but I instinctively rebel at watching a movie on my own, so having folks over every few weeks for movie-watching sounds like fun...
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