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Expensive Shoppingses

So msmemory and I spent the evening down at a pleasantly-empty Burlington Mall. Tonight was "An Evening of Giving" -- basically, they officially closed the mall, and allowed various charities to sell tickets to get in. One of my officemates' kids' bands was doing it as a fundraiser, so we decided to go for it.

We didn't actually buy much. This was primarily a mutual scouting expedition -- a chance to wander around the mall together and occasionally poke each other in the ribs and say, "Gee, Don't You Think This Is Rather Nice?". Basically, we acknowledge the occasional difficulty of coming up with ideas for each other, so we indulge in an evening of blatant hinting.

Although it was personally inconvenient, it spoke well of the crowd that the most crowded store in the mall, by far, was The Museum Shop, which was actually quite crowded. A nuisance, but I have a certain respect for it.

(Although, having recently finished a course on ancient Egypt, the personalized "Your Name In a Cartouche" necklaces they sell are making me twitch terribly. I suppose it's the SCAdian in me -- cartouches are supposed to be reserved for Royalty, so it feels like a terrible arrogation of title.)

Didn't wind up actually buying any presents, but did pick up a jar of Wasabi Lime Mustard from Crate & Barrel. No idea what it's like, but the name alone is enough to make me hungry...

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