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There's nothing like rereading one of my own games after four years...
... to drive home that I really need to learn how to edit. Most of these character sheets are solid, and I'm pleased to note that the writing mostly holds up, but *boy* are some of them long. It's going to take a month just to read myself back into my own game, assuming we do wind up re-running it...

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I'd love to see it rerun. If my guess is right, the second room utilized last time will even fit the theme fairly well?

Not sure I know what room you're talking about. But anyway, we'll see -- this is nothing but back-channel rumor so far.

(Obviously, you're welcome to help out again, but I've been assuming that you'll be a tad distracted...)

You had two rooms last time it ran. The second was used to represent a single convoluted (even... labyrinthine?) destination.

... ah, we're talking past each other. This is for Arisia, not Intercon. (The Foglios are the guests of honor, which is how the topic came up.)

Ye Gods, was that really 4 years ago? Damn.

Yeah, I had much the same reaction. But on re-reading the game, I am realizing how much has happened in the story since then...

When you wrote it, very little was known about the location in question.

Now there is much more information in canon. So the question is - what to do with it?

Well, remember that the Hidden Castle is strictly non-canon, so I'm not worried about that.

But the larger question is a good one, and I'm honestly not sure. We could try to update it, and add a *lot* more characters into the mix, or we could leave it set where it is (somewhere around Book 3/4), and simply say explicitly that yes, this is actually a nefarious plot to explode the heads of anyone who obsesses too much about canon.

I suspect that doing a little cleanup based on the past five years isn't a bad idea (and might let us replace some weaker characters), but it's likely more trouble than it's worth to over-think the problem...

Ah feel yer pain.

We're actually running Tin Stars in April, and we haven't in (get this) thirteen years.

Luckily, Leanne and I combine to make one decent writer, so most of the time spent during the review was updating the files (getting it into the latest version of Word, updating the fonts, fixing the format, etc.) instead of needing to re-write everything.

But just that took a whole weekend. We're now wading through our boxes of props ...

Yeah, I can sympathize with that. My last run of The Future of Oz was something like a dozen years ago, which is part of what gives me pause about dusting it off and re-running it.

I will say that the file-format problem (which has bitten me badly on the ass in the past) is one reason why I like my current approach: all of my games are currently developed in my own open-source wiki-db system. It's not fancy (especially in terms of print formatting) and a bit hard to use, but it's bloody damned powerful as a game-design tool and very stable, and since I developed the platform I'm in a lot less danger of stale and unreadable data...

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