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Adjustment Bureau next Friday
Always a little dangerous to make movie plans this far out, but a couple of us have decided to have a Movie Outing next week. So this will be adjusted if movie schedules change, but let's take a stab at it:

Group outing to The Adjustment Bureau, at the Burlington AMC (across from the Mall) next Friday evening (April 1, the night before Coronation) at 7:40pm. Gathering beforehand for dinner at Chili's at about 6:15.

Pencil it in if you're interested, and I'll take a nose-count for dinner when we get closer in...

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Damn. I'd be in in a heartbeat, but I'm working.

I've now seen it and I'll be shopping for my party that night, but I think you'll enjoy it. Unfortunately I can't come out for the dinner part because I'll probably still be at work.

I do want to see it, but Friday is our family movie night with Michelle. If you want to do something another night, let me know.

Related: are you interested in SuckerPunch? I can't decide.

Intrigued, anyway: I'm kind of waiting for a review or two before deciding about "interested"...

On a related note: Did you ever see "The Middleman?" I've got the series (12 eps.) on DVD and was thinking about having a flashback to the days when we were younger and hosting a marathon.

Haven't seen it, and am at least mildly curious. My schedule is admittedly loony, but a marathon seems plausible...

I have wanted to see this movie.

Mark and I would be coming straight from work (and wouldn't make it for the dinner part). Since he doesn't want to see this, he would drop me off, but he has plans for later that evening. Would you be willing to give me a ride home after the movie?

Sure, that should be easy enough...

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