Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Order of Events Game

Pointless but pleasant meme, lifted from hfcougar who got it from gyzki, and adding a few (because it's that kind of game):

To play along, make a post with the following statements in order of when they occurred in your life (feel free to add/remove/edit as appropriate). Just the first occurrences of each, and only ones you were old enough at the time that you remember it.

Have done:

Become gainfully employed.
Graduate from high school.
Move out of parents' house for good.
Buy own computer.
Start college.
Join the SCA.
Get drunk for the first time. (Depends on definition of "drunk".)
First real relationship. (Depends on definition of "real".)
First SF convention.
First sex.
First Pennsic.
Meet future spouse.
First Real Job (tm). (Depends on definition of "Real" -- here, I'm counting it as, "Not working for my father", but I was working pretty hard by age 15.)
Graduate from college.
Buy a car.
Get married.
Offend someone horribly online.
Buy a house.
Get laid off.
Get a 401(k).
Get a cell phone.
Try to start a business.
Drive cross-country. (I'm counting south-to-north here.)

Haven't done (yet):

Move across the country for a job / school.
First graduate-level degree.
Go to live in another country.
Have kids.
Kid move out.
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