Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

NY Times Skimmer

I hadn't previously come across the New York Times' new web interface. Skimmer is based on HTML5, so it'll only work if you have an up-to-date browser (Chrome, FF4, IE9, something like that), but it's impressively slick: a smooth Flash-grade UI with a lot of clever ideas. I found it via this Times article on the rise of HTML5, and it makes a compelling case for why it would be great for folks to get up-to-date sooner rather than later.

I'm finding it deliciously intuitive -- a rare example of an old-media company that is showing that they are really *getting* the new medium. And it makes it more plausible that people might actually pay money to use it: it's a very nice way to skim the news and drill into it...
Tags: technology

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