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Community lists
This week's new feature on LJ is the "vertical" pages -- categorized listings of communities. Being me, my first question was, of course, "So is there an entire page just for the SCA?" The answer turns out to be "not quite" -- under the "everything else" catch-all is a "historical reenactment" subcategory, which is of course utterly dominated by SCA communities. (And, unsurprisingly, specifically dominated by the East. In fact, Carolingia turns out to be the first Barony in the list. Shocking.)

Anyway, the list is there, and I gather that any community owner can request that their community get added to a category. Public SCA communities may well want to list themselves in this directory, which I think will quickly become a mildly useful phone book for SCA-on-LJ...
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...which I think will quickly become a mildly useful phone book for SCA-on-LJ...
Until, of course, the BoD gets wind of it, upon which it will be forbidden.

(where's the "like" button...)

"Forbidden". Annoying though it can be, there is something endearingly childish about how the Corporation likes outlawing things it has no actual control over.

Besides, it won't be forbidden. You simply won't be allowed to create an SCA community without clearing it through your local Media Officer, who needs to clear it through the Kingdom Media Officer, who needs to clear it through the Society Media Officer. Then you can create the community, so long as the community has its *own* Media Officer, responsible for approving all posts...

Will you need a paid membership to post?

Well, *duh*. The only interesting question, really, is which officer needs to approve your Posting Authorization Card...

This is going to have to be a new officer position, required at the Barony level. Shires aren't allowed to have LJ-communities, because Shires are unimportant.

I like that it's immediately following the list for Furries.

and right in front of Piercings and Polyamory. What kind of organization do they think we are?

...never mind. I withdraw the question.

unsurprisingly, specifically dominated by the East

As far as I can tell, that's an LJ thing. No one on the West Coast uses LJ, really. It's all Facebook or YahooGroups out here.

Really? That's actually surprising -- usually Internet concepts hit the East and West roughly simultaneously, and LJ completely owned the East before Facebook was even open to the public.

(I do wonder if it's generational, and possibly whether it's shifting. FB seems to be gaining ground even here, which I consider kind of unfortunate, since LJ tends to produce much more interesting conversation...)

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