Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Come and see the show!

Spreading the word a bit, since I think this has been flying under a lot of peoples' radar:

This coming weekend, The Baron's Players (that is, a bunch of folks in the local SCA) will be putting on a performance of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. This is a serious production, and a bit of an experiment: it's taking a "difficult" Shakespeare play and interpreting it as a straight comedy, using some of the lessons we've learned over the years about period comedy. (Yes, I Sebastiani is educational! We really need to list that on the IRS 401(c)3 forms, somehow.)

There are going to be two performances; I recommend seeing one of them, but which depends on whether you're in the SCA or not. The first show will be Friday evening, and will be open to the general public -- no period costumes required or anything like that. I'm running the house for the Friday show, so pause and say hi!

Then, on Saturday we'll have the full SCA event. That will include several talks in the afternoon, to lay some of the groundwork for why we're doing the play the way we are. (Including a class on nuns behaving badly, which promises to be entertaining in and of itself.) After the event, I'll be hosting an informal post-revel at my house (which is a mile or two from the site).

The show promises to be excellent, so if you have a few hours in your busy schedule, come join us this weekend...
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