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Your Highness
A few of us just went to see the current film Your Highness. Capsule review: it wasn't as bad as I expected.

Now, that's a pretty low bar to crawl over, and no one should take this as some sort of real recommendation. I don't feel that I wasted my money or time, but I'm easily amused.

In discussing the movie, we agreed that it read like a D&D campaign crossed with a renfair, with a sense of humor that is just a bit more lowbrow than South Park. Indeed, if they'd targeted a few more of the jokes at the over-13 crowd, it would clearly have been more fun. On the plus side, Natalie Portman essentially wanders in from a completely different and much more earnest movie, and the interactions between her character (equally stereotyped, but much more serious) with the rest of the cast provides an incongruous note that is sometimes pretty funny.

Overall, though, there's no particular reason to see it aside from the fact that there's an overall dearth of decent-looking movies to provide a better alternative...

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I'm rather less disappointed I didn't get to see it with you given how underwhelmed you are by it.

I've been looking forward to it for ages, but I'm explicitly expecting it to be stupid and tacky. I have a very low bar.

If you want to see Source Code sometime, which has been on my list, I've heard it also has undertones of Quantum Leap to it.

Source Code is very well done. Go with it while it's happening, but don't think too hard about the physics (or physiology, or whatever) underlying the premise.

As a rule, I've found that over-thinking time-travel stories is a recipe for not enjoying them. So I'm usually pretty good about that...

Every time I see this as a header, I think sopmeone's dropping a note to the prince or princess, then I remember we do not have either at this point.

and boobies... there is boobies... lololololol

There is, in fact, a decent supply of boobies. (And rather too much minotaur penis.) Not enough to change the movie's review one way or t'other, though...

And "minotaur penis" is now officially at the top of my list of "phrases I didn't think I'd see today". Or ever.

Yeah, well -- it tells you a lot about the movie right there...

Are we talking more or less unnecessary penis than Watchmen? I just want to know what I have to brace myself for here.

That came out perhaps not quite the way I intended it.

In terms of screen time, not sure. (It's entirely in the last third of the movie.) In terms of being deliberately in-your-face, significantly more...

"...just a bit more lowbrow than South Park," is saying something.

I choose my words carefully...

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