Justin du Coeur (jducoeur) wrote,
Justin du Coeur

Another thing to get my hands around: photos

Right. It occurs to me that of the two of us, Jane was the one who had even the foggiest clue of what we have in our monumental archive of miscellaneous photos. (Both physical and virtual.) That's a long-term project to play with.

I'm put in mind of this because they're looking for photos of Countess Mom, and I know the one I'd like to find -- the legendary "Will the Real Queen of the East please stand up?" picture. This happened at TFYC (the aforementioned camp of Easterners voluntarily crammed into a small group) -- we were sitting around one afternoon, and realized that we had something like six women with long hair hair and glasses, currently wearing a simple blue dress. The resulting photo is slightly comical, and a fond memory now that we've lost at least two of the ladies in it. But it predated digital cameras, so if I have a copy, it's a print buried somewhere...
Tags: sca

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